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Рогатинська земля – це край багатих національних традицій, високого рівня культури, батьківщина талановитих та працьовитих людей, колиска всесвітньовідомої Роксолани – Насті Лісовської. Тут на кожному кроці подих історії, великої і самобутньої, яка писалась мечем і вогнем, горем і радістю впродовж більше як вісімсот років.
Одним із головних принципів діяльності ради є відкритість її діяльності, забезпечення прозорості у прийнятті рішень та готовності до конструктивного діалогу з громадою.
На сайті Ви зможете отримати повну та достовірну інформацію про структуру ради, роботу депутатського корпусу, постійних комісій, рішення ради, переглянути новини та інформаційні повідомлення.
Впевнений, що наша співпраця і спільні зусилля сприятимуть всебічному розвитку Рогатинщини.

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Rohatyn district: general information

Rohatyn district is located on the territory of Western Ukraine in the northern part of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Its territory occupies 815 square kilometers ( 5,89% of the region territory).
The district centre is the ancient city of Rohatyn which stretches on the banks of the river Hnyla Lypa (the left tributary of the Dniester) and is one of the oldest settlements of Western Galicia. The first written mentions about the city date back to the 12th century (to 1340, according to the History of the Cities and Villages of UkSSR-1200, according to the literary sources – 1184 .) The Magdeburg right was granted to the city in 1415 .The main peculiarity of the geographical position is that it is almost equally located from Ivano-Frankivsk – 61 km, Ternopil – 89 km and Lviv – 78km.
The district borders Berezhany district of Ternopil region to the east and northeast. To the west and north-west the district borders Zhydachiv and Peremyshlyany districts of Lviv region. To the south it borders Gatych and Kalush districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region.
The district has an extensive highway and railway connection with other cities of Ukraine and foreign countries. A network of highways runs through the district, two routes of international importance Mukacheve-Lviv, Stryi-Ternopil-Znamyanka intersect the territory of the district.

The economy of the district
The economy of Rogatyn district is presented by the wide spectrum of material and non-material manufacturing. The material manufacturing is presented by the branches of industry, building, transport, communication, housing and communal services. The most population, taking into account the specific of the district, is engaged in the sphere of agricultural production.
The structure of the employment of the population can be represented by the following diagram:

The Industry of Rohatyn district is mainly represented by 12 enterprises. The annual volume of sales (goods and services) makes up 444,7 million hryvnyas which is 2,2 % in general regional index.
The volume of sales of industrial products on one face of population of the district makes up 10,2 thousand hryvnyas and takes the 8th place among the cities of the regional value and the districts of the area.
On the general volume of sates the most specific gravity in the general pattern of industrial production is occupied by food and processing industry, which is represented by bread manufacturing and bakery products, mineral water, soft drinks, sausage wares and groats.
Such enterprises as Galplast Closed Joint Stock Company and Alpha Co.Ltd work effectively in the food industry nowadays.
One of the basic industries in the district is mining and production of building materials. Rohatyn district is sufficiently provided with alt natural building materials (sand, limestone, stone and gypsum breeds, stone build, white and red clay).
Nowadays several large quarries are working in our district. The sand from the deposits is used both as a building material and as a raw material for the production of glass.

Forestry and wood processing
The proportion of the area covered with forests makes up 15,6 thousand hectares. Oak, hornbeam and beech stands predominate in the planting of Rohatyn district.
Forestry and wood processing are mainly represented by Rohatyn Forestry State Enterprise and Ukrlisexport Industrial Enterprise, as well as by a number of carpenter workshops and frame-saws in the inhabited centers of the district.
The state forestry provides the effective use and renewal of the present forestry on the territory of the district.
In addition these enterprises are engaged in processing of wood and producing of lumber.

Trade and public food consumption
The network of establishments of trade and public food consumption of the district is represented by 292 enterprises of retail trade, 2 enterprises of wholesale trade, 30 restaurants, 1 food market and 1 food-and-industry market, 7 semi-stationary objects of trade (kiosks).

Working on the territory of the district Rohatynavto Motor Transport enterprise Ltd carries out passenger transportations by busses of different modifications and serve 10 inter-regional routes, 19 interurban regional and 18 suburban routes. In the suburban transportation the enterprise serves 76 inhabited centers of the district.
Beside Rohatynavto Ltd the passenger transportations in the district are carried out by businessmen LBuchma, V.Pylypiy as well as by Euro-avto-ban Ltd and  Motor Transport enterprise 12629 Ltd.

Service industry
15 enterprises (legal entities) work at the district market of services, the basic activity of which is providing services. The volume of the services provided to all consumers makes up 37,4 mln. hryvnyas. The most specific gravity in the structure of provided services was taken by the services of ware-housing, hospital establishments,  passenger transportation and by the supplementary activity in the field of transport.
Postal service of the population of the district is carried out by Ukrposhta, the Service center № 6 of Ivano-Frankivsk department of USCPS ( Ukrainian State Company of Postal Service); gas-supplying is carried out by the Department of gas exploitation; power supplying on the territory of the district is carried out by Rohatyn REM Ltd.

Agriculture is one of the basic industries in the general structure of economy of the district. More than 30 % of able-bodied population of the district is engaged in it. 47 private agricultural companies, 6 agricultural service cooperatives work in the field of agricultural production on the territory of the district; 104 agricultural enterprises of different patterns of ownership work in the field of plant growing; 9 private entrepreneurs and 3 legal entities work in the field of fishery. 24252 hectare of the arable land is sown by the agricultural enterprises in Rohatyn district, that is 54,4 % of the whole sowing area.
Among the main agricultural producers that work on the territory of the district are the following: Agriculture Ltd, Uyizd Ltd, Pukiv-agro Ltd, Svirzh Ltd, Landcom Ltd,    Klishchivnyanka Ltd ,  Svitanok Ltd, Hrushevskyy Agricultural Production Complex, Chahriv Agricultural Production Complex, Novi-Dolynyany private enterprise and others.

Education, health care, culture
The educational system of the district is represented by the network of preschools, secondary schools and out-of-school establishments. 55 secondary schools with the total number of 3758 pupils, 2 out-of-school establishments, 8 preschools functioned in the district in 2013.
Medical service of inhabitants of the district is carried out through the network of medical and preventive establishments. The balneological sanatorium of “Cherche” functions on the territory of the district, where diseases of vestibular and peripheral nervous systems are effectively treated.
111 cultural institutions function in the district, among them 51 libraries, 59 clubs, the children school of arts named after Boris Kudryk.
There are 20 architectural sights of the national value, 52 town-planning and architectural sights of the local value, 52 sights of archaeology, 70 sights of history and monumental art on the territory of the district. The Church of the Holy Spirit belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
5 estates of rural green tourism function in the district.

Investment activity
51,3 mln gryvnyas of capital investments were put into tangible assets for the economic development of the district in 2013.The most attractive investments for foreigners are the companies in the field of forestry, fishery and agriculture, where 97% of foreign investment capital is directed.
The part of the direct foreign investments concentrated in the district amounts 3,4% of the regional index that corresponds to the 5th place among the cities and districts of the region.
The list of the investment objects of Rohatyn district is shown here